Free Antivirus advertised here but others might be, too. If you don’t want anything but CCleaner, just uncheck/decline whatever program is mentioned, and then continue installing CCleaner normally. "Slim" is the same as the normal installer option but without the additional software installation option.

I am really surprised at people who trash applications with trying to get in touch with the developers. Well, not when you consider all the time I’ve spent emailing Piriform and leaving reviews here. I don’t know what happened to this app in the most recent versions. I upgraded from 10.10 to 10.13 and all it does hang at various parts of the scanning process. I keep installing the latest version hoping they fixed this, but it useless now.

I have always found C Cleaner to be very helpful in keeping up my computer! O have used the free one for many years and went to the pay for version a couple of years ago as my PC is getting older and in need of more help now. The free edition of CCleaner doesn’t include automatic updates, so it’s worth clicking ‚Check for updates‘ in the bottom right periodically. What the attack proved is that installing applications like CCleaner just introduces a new path for hackers to find their way into your system.

And the Windows version disabled the Windows Defender and sideloads Chrome. This might take just a second or two, up to several seconds, depending on how many registry keys CCleaner is removing or changing and how fast your computer is. Choose an appropriate place to save the REG file and then pick Save. Select Yes on the dialog box that asks "Do you want to back up the registry before making changes?".

A gratis application to have attained an iconic status is really great. People who are used to both the Windows and Mac environment will find CCleaner to be a great boon.

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Prefer Performance Over Style

While all of the registry entries that CCleaner found are checked by default, you can uncheck any entries you want to keep. One of the great things about CCleaner compared to its competition is that it doesn’t go overboard. CCleaner is done scanning your registry for unnecessary entries when the green progress bar at the top of the screen free softwares reaches 100%. Another trivial problem we have with CCleaner is that at the very start of the installer, you’re asked if you want to install another program along with CCleaner.

Check Your Hard Drive Space And Temporary Files

I have not had any problems with CCleaner on OS X or XP, though as with any utility you should carefully check the settings before running it. The previous versions up to 1.03 ran pretty smooth but versions 1.04,1.05 are somewhat disappointing. The start-up is pretty slow taking anywhere from minutes. I’ve used and recommended CCleaner on Windows since it was first released. Unfortunately, the Mac version is very, very slow and makes my MacBook Pro run as hot as an oven.

"Standard installer" is a full install of CCleaner, which includes an option to also install CCleaner Browser, another program from Piriform. The most recent version of CCleaner works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10,Windows 8 (including Windows 8.1 & Windows 8.1 Update), and Windows 7. This review is of CCleaner v5.72.7994, which was released on September 23, 2020. Please let us know if there’s a newer version we need to review.